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Joc Pečečnik
owner of the group

We are not interested in keeping up. In every endeavor we take, we are only interested in one thing – leading the way and setting gold standards.

Elektroncek Group is a family-owned investment hub renowned for setting the gold standard in every industry we enter. Our portfolio spans a premium golf course, the natural mineral water sector, cutting-edge hydrogen energy innovation, and prime real estate, embodying our commitment to excellence and innovation. United by our mission to lead, not follow, we leverage centralized leadership and exceptional talent to push boundaries, ensuring each sector thrives and defines the pinnacle of its market.

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Foundation & first success


In 1989 the Elektronček Group commenced its journey with the establishment of the Elektronček company, initially focusing on security systems before shifting to information technology. This strategic pivot laid the groundwork for future innovations. The early 90s saw the company venture into importing and servicing computers, eventually leading to a revolution in the restaurant, retail, and bar industries with computerized POS cash registers. This business activity turned out to be very promising and was transferred to a newly founded company called POS Elektronček d.o.o. in 1996.

The late 90s marked a turning point as Joc Pečečnik’s interest in the gaming industry led to the sale of POS Elektronček to his employees for 1€ and the birth of the iconic Interblock brand. The company POS Elektronček continues to be the market leader in its industry to this day.

Growth through innovation


1997 was a transformative year as Joc Pečečnik merged his vast computer business experience with a proactive approach, steering Elektronček into the gaming industry. The introduction of the fully automated electronic roulette, Princess, at the London Casino Exposition was the company’s significant innovation and entry into this new field. The late 90s and early 2000s were marked by rapid growth and innovation, culminating in the creation of Interblock, a company that would set new standards in multi-player gaming machines. This period also saw the successful launch of electronic roulette games as well as the transformation of the newly acquired Kongo Hotel & Casino, which went from a plain motel to a perfect blend of gaming and entertainment offerings.

Becoming a global leader


Elektronček was recognized as the fastest-growing Slovenian company in 2007, receiving the prestigious Golden Gazelle award. The company also received a special reward for its HR policy and ranked as one of the top 21 Slovenian employers.

During this period, we also witnessed the launch of the G4 Organic line, setting Interblock apart in the gaming industry. The innovative G4 Organic Card Blackjack, lauded for its electromechanical live gaming experience, solidified the company’s position as an industry leader, earning an award at the London ICE show, as well as one of the Most Innovative Slovenian Products awards in 2008. During this era, the company continued to push the boundaries of innovation, introducing MiniStar Roulette and securing significant funding to bolster its successful rental model in the USA.

Leading the way into the future


The year 2021 marked a pivotal moment for Elektronček Group, with the sale of the successful Interblock brand. This transition introduced a new focus on diverse investments from real estate to water resources and startups. This strategic shift symbolizes Elektronček’s evolution from a gaming industry leader to a multifaceted investment conglomerate. Today, under the Elektronček Group umbrella, the company continues to redefine its sectors, merging a rich legacy of innovation with new horizons, setting the stage for future growth and sustainability. The Group’s portfolio now spans a diverse range of industries, each embodying our commitment to excellence and forward-thinking.

Leading the way that is our mission


Elektronček Group is not just investing in businesses – with each venture we invest in a vision of the future. A future where innovation, sustainability, and luxury merge to create experiences and products that are not just market-leading but also life-enhancing. As we continue to expand our horizons, our commitment to leading the way remains steadfast, fueled by the legacy of our past and the endless possibilities of tomorrow.

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