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ManagerApp is a testament to Elektronček Group’s commitment to digital transformation, offering modular mobile application development for various sectors.

With an innovative approach, ManagerApp excels in digitalizing the charter industry, business enterprises, golf courses, municipalities, yachting, and RV/Auto homes. It boasts notable projects like the Charter Manager app, streamlining operations for charter companies and fleets, and the SBCA app, enhancing connectivity and engagement within the Slovenian Business Club. ManagerApp’s versatile solutions reflect Elektronček Group’s foresight in harnessing technology to lead the way in efficiency and connectivity.


As a pioneer in organizational diagnostics, Quantifly embodies the Elektronček Group’s vision of unearthing groundbreaking opportunities in workforce management.

It is an analytical platform designed to unearth and solve inefficiencies within team structures. By integrating organizational network analysis with cultural and climate assessments, Quantifly transcends traditional satisfaction metrics to offer strategic insights into employee retention, motivation, and performance. When Elektronček Group invested in Quantifly, the decision was driven by the belief that people are the cornerstone of success. Quantifly’s ability to provide in-depth, consultative analysis more cost-effectively positions it as an instrumental tool for companies eager to attract and develop top talent, enhance teamwork, and reduce turnover, aligning perfectly with Elektronček Group’s mission to invest in transformative innovations.


E-Jet is Elektronček Group’s forward-thinking venture into the nautical realm, dedicated to reinventing the luxury yacht tender experience through sustainability and innovation.

Since its conceptualization in 2016, E-Jet has been driven by the challenge to design an electric yacht tender that surpasses the market’s current speed, power, and overall quality offerings. E-Jet’s electric yacht tenders are not just vessels but statements of elegance and commitment to the planet, offering zero-emission voyages without compromising safety or style. The company’s mantra ‘Goodbye normal’ encapsulates its aim to transcend the conventional, ensuring each journey is memorable and responsibly enjoyed. As Elektronček Group continues to lead in discovering new horizons, E-Jet is poised to become the benchmark for electric yacht tenders, inspiring a wave of eco-consciousness within the luxury marine industry.

Moja čokolada / BAM – Become a Master

Moja čokolada, an Elektronček Group chocolate e-commerce venture, thrives on a legacy that began in 2013 with the sale of fine chocolates and chocolate products. It has since expanded, in partnership with BAM academy and its brand, BAMchocolate, to offer a curated selection of premium baking essentials, catering to both the novice and professional baker’s every need. With a customer-centric philosophy and a bold, innovative mindset, Moja čokolada and BAM have become synonymous with quality and creativity in the kitchen, propelling Elektronček Group to the forefront of the gourmet sweets industry.

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