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The Arboretum Golf Course is situated amidst pristine natural surroundings on the outskirts of the renowned Arboretum Botanical Garden in the town of Volci Potok. It is conveniently located approximately 8 km from the highway and 15 km from Ljubljana airport.

This golf course stands out as one of the region’s best-maintained and famous golf courses, with the highest number of club players in Slovenia. Over the years, it has successfully hosted numerous local and international competitions and various corporate events, weddings, and anniversary gatherings.

New features for greater gaming pleasure.

As part of our ambitious plans, we are committed to fully renovating the golf course by 2025, ensuring it caters to the modern golfer’s needs, encompassing both golf-related facilities and additional offerings.
Working in collaboration with experts from the Arboretum Botanical Garden, we will undertake the groundbreaking initiative of planting the entire golf course, thereby establishing the world’s first botanical golf course.
Moreover, a picturesque main building will grace the premises, providing comfort and convenience for golfers and visitors alike.

Premises with a touch of elegance.

The club and business spaces will be meticulously designed to foster socializing, host business meetings, and seminars, and facilitate various social gatherings on the idyllic training greens nestled beneath the shelter of majestic pine trees.
In the club building, patrons can access a contemporary restaurant, fitness center, cigar club, winery, and a spa. The restaurant will have the capacity to accommodate events with up to 250 guests. Additionally, we will offer a pro shop, a promotional car salon, and a specialized 1:1 fitness concept. We will also have a dedicated VIP club to cater to our most discerning clients.

New training facility to improve golf skills.

In addition to the main building, we have ambitious plans to construct a state-of-the-art training facility and driving range on-site. The training facility will incorporate an advanced electronic system that precisely measures every shot, enabling league plays throughout the year, 365 days non-stop. All these initiatives combined will ensure an enriching experience, catering to the enjoyment of both seasoned golfers and newcomers to the sport.

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